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Neck Pain Is Something You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Written By Absolute Chiropractic & Rehab on May 17, 2021

Neck Pain TreatmentNeck pain is most often caused by poor posture or age-related wear and tear. The second most common cause is injury, making it critical to come see us at Absolute Chiropractic & Rehab in Hurst before your neck problems become permanent.

Small Issues Can Be a Mask for Serious Health Conditions

Pain is how your body tells you that it’s consistently moving the wrong way and it needs help getting back to the correct movement. Your body doesn’t want to be in pain any more than you do. The three most common reasons you’re experiencing painful, improper movement are a herniated disc, cervical spondylosis, or a bone spur. Cervical spondylosis starts off with no symptoms and gets worse with age. Bone spurs become more like with age, too.

Our chiropractors will work to properly diagnose the root cause of your neck pain and give you an appropriate adjustment. The right care can significantly reduce your neck pain without drugs, according to the latest research.

Take Advantage of Over a Decade of Expert Chiropractic Care

Since 2011 Absolute Chiropractic & Rehab has been helping treat neck pain issues. Our goal is to help you achieve the best health you can without surgery or injections. If you’re suffering with neck pain, we want you in our office as quickly as possible so we can get to the root of the problem and put you on the path to healing.

Have questions or want to schedule an appointment? Call Absolute Chiropractic & Rehab at (682) 373-6258 or go online and fill out a contact form. We’re happy to help!

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